Welcome to SpaceDawgs
SpaceDawgs was fair launched on the Ethereum chain on July 9th, with no pre-mine, no venture capital and no outside investors. The DAO team consists of volunteer contributors with a shared mission: take crypto mainstream by minimizing friction. Secure crypto, made simple for everyday life!
The coming DawgsApp, with DawgsWallet and SpaceCards, will offer cutting edge soft and hard wallet solutions. With $DAWGS as the primary ecosystem currency, and now the $RKTS defi booster token, the SpaceDawgs ecosystem and Alphaverse will provide secure, seamless transitions between all aspects of defi, crypto and fiat.

$Dawgs Token Upgrade

SpaceDawgs launched a token upgrade portal on Dec. 21st, 2021: as of this date, version 1 $DAWGS can be redeemed for version 2 $DAWGS, on a one-for-one basis. There is no time limit on the redemption.
The point of this contract upgrade is to eliminate the 2.5% tax that is levied on V1 transactions, so as to foster greater token liquidity and avoid potential regulatory issues in the future.
A new “defi booster” token, Rockets ($RKTS), is being introduced with the new contract: all $DAWGS owners will be able to claim a share of the $RKTS distribution, providing they claim early enough. See below under $RKTS.

We have a few tokens you should know about.

Currently the SpaceDawgs Ecosystem consists of $DAWGS and $RKTS. For more information on what role these tokens will play in our ecosystem, refer to the ECOSYSTEM TOKENS section.
You can find the contract address for all our tokens here:

We are focused on delivering real world products.

Our first Product will be a desktop and mobile cold/hot wallet solution paired with an RFID based SpaceCard. For more information on what makes the DawgsWallet unique checkout the products section.

Ok, I want in but I need some help.

We have put together some guides for people new to the crypto space that will walk you through what you need to do, step by step, to get some $DAWGS in your wallet. If you run into trouble at any stage, feel free to reach out to us on one of our social channels and we will be happy to provide additional assistance.
Our FAQ is a living document that will continue to evolve as new queries are received.

We love making new friends on our journey...

We have established partnerships and hold ongoing conversations with many diverse organizations – both crypto-based and otherwise. We are dedicated to making crypto a mainstream asset class, and spreading awareness of that vision, both inside and outside of the crypto sphere, is one of our fundamental activities.

The Team is busy building...

...but we are looking to expand into some constant content creation. When it is ready you can find our BLAWG material here!

If you need the contract addresses you can find them here.

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