$RKTS Token

SpaceDawgs Booster Token
The Rockets ($RKTS) ‘booster token’ is claimable to the $DAWGS community on Tuesday, December 21th, at 8:00am ET.
Rockets holders will have access to unique defi benefits in the developing $DAWGS ecosystem.
Some areas where the $RKTS will come into play:
  • DawgsWallet and SpaceCards
  • Rewards and tokenomic benefits within the SpaceDawgs Alphaverse
$RKTS Rewards and Benefits
  • Booster token of the SpaceDawgs ecosystem and Alphaverse
  • Access to tokenomic benefits upon official white paper launch
  • Voting privileges within the SpaceDawgs Alphaverse
  • Early and/or exclusive access to the SpaceCard mobile cold wallet levels
  • Access to select SpaceDawgs NFT offerings
  • Access to SpaceDawgs and $RKTS merchandise and giveaways
  • Access to select brand partnership benefits and rewards
Key Information on SpaceDawgs $RKTS:
  • Rockets is a mintable Standard ERC20 token
  • 200,000 internal supply target
  • 100,000 will be allocated to the DAO
  • 100,000 will be fractionally allocated to current $DAWGS 1.0 holders
  • Conversion base ratio: 10 million DAWGS : 1 RKTS
    • 10M $DAWGS = one (1) $RKTS booster token for initial 3-day period
    • 20M $DAWGS = one (1) $RKTS booster token for second 3-day period
Claim Calendar:
  • Claim upgrade window opens on Tuesday, December 21st, at 8am ET
  • 100% $RKTS claimable from December 21st -- December 24th until 8am ET
  • 50% $RKTS claimable from December 24th 8am ET -- December 27th 8am ET
  • Claim window closes on December 27th at 8am ET
  • V1 $DAWGS to V2 $DAWGS contract upgrade window open indefinitely