What is SpaceDawgs?

SpaceDawgs is a community-driven, defi utility pawject seeking to accelerate crypto adoption in the real world and throughout the metaverse with its privacy-focused, user-friendly technology platform; featuring the mobile DawgsWallet app, as well as SpaceCards, which enable secure cold storage and tap-n-pay payment functionality.

When did SpaceDawgs launch?

SpaceDawgs was launched on July 9, 2021 on the Ethereum blockchain.

Where can I get SpaceDawgs?


Is Liquidity locked?

Liquidity is locked on a multi-sig wallet, accessible on a 30 day rolling basis.

Is staking available?

Staking $DAWGS tokens is currently being explored by the core team.

Is there an updated road map?

Yes! Our roadmap is our future you can find it here.

What is the Dawgswallet

The DawgsWallet is a secure and private digital wallet that operates within the DawgsApp, allowing users to add and access cryptocurrencies and NFTs from a variety of blockchains using sharable payment codes, keeping your wallet ID confidential.

What is the Spacecard?

The SpaceCard is a cold storage key card that uses NFC technology to allow users to store their cryptocurrencies and NFTs safely on-chain, while their private keys remain secure offline.

What blockchains does the DawgsWallet and SpaceCard work on?

The DawgsWallet and SpaceCard are currently integrated with the following blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Polygon. SpaceDawgs will continue to evaluate and integrate blockchains to its core products.

Is my cryptocurrency safe from hackers using the DawgsWallet and SpaceCard?

With a chip-to-chip, air-gapped solution and multi-factor security, your cryptocurrency is as safe and secure as you keep your SpaceCard. Even without a SpaceCard, with your DawgsWallet alone, you still get the benefit of multi-factor security, optional biometrics, and a variable length pin.

Who is on the core team?

The core team consists of individuals with a diverse set of professional experience. Our Lead Contributor has been doxed while others enjoy working quietly behind the scenes. SpaceDawgs Lead Contributor is Patrick Moynihan. The team has decades of combined experience in investment banking, asset management, vices and payments, social media, marketing, branding design, copywriting, crypto asset consulting, advisory, payments and financial services.

Who is MatterFi?

SpaceDawgs has partnered with MatterFi to develop one of SpaceDawgs core products - the DawgsWallet.
MatterFi has developed a foundational base layer that enables financial services organizations to build into the crypto ecosystem, giving access to all the key services they'll need to quickly build compliant, secure, and trusted crypto services. This foundational layer is Open Transactions (OT), created by MatterFi's founder and CTO to improve security, access, usability, and compliance.

What happens if I lose my Spacecard?

If you lose your SpaceCard, you can have it replaced for a small fee and recover your stored assets with your seed phrase and pin. A lost card is useless to anyone else since they don’t have your mobile phone or unique pin code to access the card.

How can I help?

SpaceDawgs is always looking for help! Please reach out to any admin in our Telegram or any other social outlet to connect with the team.

How can we partner with SpaceDawgs?

SpaceDawgs is always looking for quality partnerships with other cryptocurrency projects. Please contact the partnership team at [email protected] and a team member will get back to you.