Premium OG SpaceCard (cold storage) shown with mobile DawgsWallet
The DawgsWallet is an app-based wallet that connects to the SpaceCard cold wallet, but your private keys are stored and protected on the card chip’s firmware – so it is indeed cold storage. The SpaceCard and your phone are “paired” so you can only access your crypto – buy, sell, and more – when your card is near your phone.
While other cold wallets have to be plugged into a computer — meaning you need to have a computer around — with the DawgsWallet, all you need is your SpaceCard and your phone to enable your mobile cold wallet!
Key Features:
  • Cold storage in the shape of a credit card
  • BTC, LTC, ETH + ALL derivatives supported with new chains added every month
  • Multi-chain wallet: Can access/view multiple chains at once
  • Super affordable and cheap to replace if lost
  • Mobile capable/App for iOS/Android
  • Pairs to your smartphone via RFID
  • Can Add custom contracts
  • No need to have a computer on-hand
Last modified 1yr ago