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SpaceDawgs Unleashed

In keeping with its primary mission of placing crypto in the hands of every person on Earth, SpaceDawgs is announcing an upgrade of $DAWGS to an audited ERC20 token – as well as the launch of a new ecosystem token, “ROCKETS” ($RKTS), which will be issued to all current $DAWGS holders. These improvements are being made in response to users and partners, and will further the core objectives of SpaceDawgs as we develop our DawgsWallets and SpaceCards, representing a paradigm shift in digital asset storage and everyday payments usage.

How to upgrade:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Connect your wallet
Step 3: Approve the contract to spend your V1 DAWGS
Step 4: Upgrade you DAWGS!
You can verify your transaction on Etherscan.
Step 5.
Add V2 $DAWGS and $RKTS to the custom token section of your MetaMask wallet.