V2 Upgrade General FAQ

FAQ - $DAWGS Upgrade Specific
You can upgrade your V1 $DAWGS to V2 $DAWGS at any time.
For this article, we added V1 and V2 before each token name to help you differentiate between the old and new tokens. Partner websites, price aggregators, or your wallet will not display the version information.

Why do I need to upgrade?

Upgrading from V1 $DAWGS to V2 $DAWGS supports expansion to unlock token value by eliminating the 2.5% transaction tax. This will help to facilitate greater token velocity, support scaling, liquidity, partnerships, and ensures flexibility in meeting future compliance measures.
Benefits of this upgrade include:
  • Support greater $DAWGS velocity with removal of 2.5% transaction fee
  • Built to be flexible in meeting future compliance measures
  • Introduces new $RKTS access and defi booster token
  • Provide superior LP options on Uniswap V3 for institutional partners
  • Enables bridge connectivity while maintaining accurate supply
  • Supports CEX listing applications
  • Positions ecosystem to launch defi platform
All liquidity will be moved from V1 $DAWGS and transferred 1:1 to V2 $DAWGS (minus transaction fees and current tax).
You can read more on this Medium post.

The short version

  • V1 $DAWGS will be replaced by V2 $DAWGS. They function the same in the ecosystem, but V2 has a few features that will help spread $DAWGS to the edge of the galaxy and beyond.
  • If you claim your upgraded V2 $DAWGS within the first 6 days of the portal opening, you will receive $RKTS.
  • Token tickers will remain the same for V1 $DAWGS tokens. For example, after migration, your wallet will show "DAWGS" instead of "V1 DAWGS". Make sure to update the token contract in your wallet with the V2 $DAWGS address to show your balances.
  • When migrating V1 $DAWGS, you will get V2 $DAWGS in return at a 1:1 ratio of your current holdings. The transaction tax for the upgrade is automatically reimbursed upon claiming.

Can I keep my V1 $DAWGS?

Yes! If you are not interested in the $RKTS token you can hold onto your $DAWGS and upgrade whenever you are ready.

What are $RKTS

$RKTS Rewards and Benefits Include:
  • Defi booster token of the SpaceDawgs ecosystem and Alphaverse
  • Access and tokenomic benefits upon platform launch Voting privileges within the SpaceDawgs Alphaverse
  • Early and/or exclusive access to the SpaceCard mobile cold wallet levels
  • Access to select SpaceDawgs NFT offerings
  • Access to SpaceDawgs and $RKTS merchandise and giveaways
  • Access to select brand partnership benefits and rewards
Key Information on SpaceDawgs $RKTS:
  • $RKTS is a mintable Standard ERC20 token
  • 200,000 initial supply
  • 100,000 will be allocated to the DAO
  • 100,000 will be fractionally allocated to current V1 $DAWGS holders

What does defi booster token mean?

The SpaceDawgs team is integrating $RKTS into the future tokenomics of the ecosystem and will use it for defi functions including but not limited to NFT collections, staking/rewards, boosting $DAWGS transactions, usage in the future SpaceDawgs Alphaverse and more. Issuance of $RKTS and upgrading the current $DAWGS contract will be simultaneous to minimize fees and reward current holders. The initial supply of $RKTS is 200,000.

What is the $RKTS launch schedule?

  • During the first 72 hours from X(date) to Y - Earn 1 $RKTS per 10,000,000 $DAWGS upgraded.
  • During the second 72 hours from X(date) to Y - Earn 1 $RKTS per 20,000,000 $DAWGS upgraded.
  • After Y, $DAWGS will be upgraded from V1 to V2 but no $RKTS will be issued.

Why is SpaceDawgs releasing $RKTS now?

Issuance of $RKTS and upgrading V1 $DAWGS to V2 $DAWGS will be simultaneous to mitigate excess fees.

What is the upgrade process?

The upgrade will take place at and will allow you to upgrade all your V1 $DAWGS tokens to V2 $DAWGS.
The upgrade process consists of three steps:
  1. 1.
    Connect your wallet via MetaMask
  2. 2.
    Approve the contract for all of your V1 $DAWGS tokens
  3. 3.
    Upgrade all your tokens to V2 $DAWGS, and receive your $RKTS
For a detailed walkthrough of the process see the DAWGS Token Migration Guide.

Can you give me an example of how many $RKTS I should receive?

The $RKTS you will earn depends on when you upgrade.
Assuming you upgrade 60M V1 $DAWGS within the first 72 hours you would be looking at 6 $RKTS.
Assuming you upgrade 60M V1 $DAWGS within the second 72 hours you would be looking at 3 $RKTS.
Assuming you upgrade 60M V1 $DAWGS within the after the 6 days, you will not receive $RKTS.S.
$DAWGS Amount
Time window
$RKTS Earned
First 72 hours
Second 72 hours
After first 6 days

Will I have to pay gas?

As with all transactions on the ERC-20 network you will need to pay gas. If you are a small holder and the transaction cost causes financial hardship, reach out to the team via telegram, we will do our best to find a suitable solution.

Gas fees are high, what should I do?

We're trying to arrange things to make sure the gas fees won't be outrageous during the upgrade window and we are creating an internal fund to help smaller wallets by reimbursing gas fees after the upgrade. However, we do not control the price of gas. If you see a gas price above X we urge you to hold off. If you think this delay may extend beyond the time period for earning $RKTS, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can work on getting you affordable gas and the $RKTS you deserve.

I can not redeem my $RKTS before the window expires, what can I do?

The team is trying to make this fair for everyone, and understands that there may be issues with the holiday season approaching. It would be best to screenshot the Portal window while the $RKTS claim is active for a record, and contact us via telegram. We will be active in the group during the migration to field questions, and we are happy to work with anyone facing issues to find a suitable solution.

What if I don't have my tokens in MetaMask?

Get in touch with our team, we can walk you through one of two options to upgrade your $DAWGS and claim your $RKTS.
  1. 1.
    Import your wallet to MetaMask using your seed phrase.
  2. 2.
    Perform the upgrade directly on Etherscan.
(Do nott share your seed phrase with anyone. No one on our team will ever ask for it.)

I am an LBank holder, what do I need to do?

We are coordinating with LBank to get the contract updated on their end. For the time being, you do not need to do anything to upgrade your V1 $DAWGS to V2 $DAWGS. Unfortunately there is no way to send redeemable $RKTS to LBank holders. If you would like to claim your $RKTS, you will need to transfer your V1 $DAWGS to your MetaMask wallet and upgrade through that portal.

Can I upgrade some of my tokens and leave the rest?

No. The upgrade function will operate on all of the V1 tokens found in the current wallet.

Can I downgrade back to V1 $DAWGS later?

No, and there would be no point in doing so – all future SpaceDawgs development will be done with V2 $DAWGS.

How many V2 $DAWGS will I get?

The same amount as you had in V1 $DAWGS.

Are the V2 $DAWGS and $RKTS contract audited?

Yes. Here is a link to the Certik audit:

Is $RKTS tradable? Where?

The DAO will not be contributing any initial liquidity for $RKTS, but they are not against individuals doing so. $RKTS is a standard ERC-20 token and as such anyone is able to create a liquidity pool for it on several trading sites.

Will the new $DAWGS or $RKTS be renounced?

$DAWGS - There is a maximum supply written into the contract, as such there is no need to further renounce the contract.
$RKTS - the future plans for $RKTS requires that the token remain un-renounced for the time being. We will release more information on this in the coming weeks, and will be sure to take all proper actions for security once the tokens full usage has been realized.

I followed the upgrade process, but I don't see V2 $DAWGS or $RKTS in my wallet.

You need to add them to your wallet as custom tokens. From the Assets page of your MetaMask wallet, click on import tokens. From the Import Tokens page, click on Custom Token. Insert the contract address into the Token Contract Address field.

For V2 $DAWGS, the contract address is: 0x64a77277e37d44957fe5815d6ff442ab8b16cc29
For $RKTS, the contract address is: 0x7616f89f2537e32454c069fb95d74bc9a8aaa5ae
For quick reassurance you can check your wallet on Etherscan to make sure you received them. If you think something went wrong, contact the team and we will help out.

Is the new $DAWGS contract and DAO under multi-sig?

Yes, the multi-sig information can be found here: